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Sakoa charcoal

The feasibility study for the exploitation of Sakoa coal by Madagascar Consolidated Mining SA (MCM SA) has been carried out. The highlights of the study are:

  • The development of coal deposits will be carried out by the MCM and PAM SAKOA consortium in order to maximize resources and create a synergy of infrastructure, mining facilities etc…;
  • The exploitable resources are estimated at 612 million tons of coal in place which conceal the 5 blocks constituting the coal basin of Sakoa (Vohibory, Andemby, Sakoa, Sakamena, Beroy).
  • phase 1 of the operation includes an underground operation at SAKOA to produce 05 Million TPA and an open pit operation at BEROY which targets 03 million TPA. Phase 2 will be concentrated on the other blocks;
  • layers IV and V of coal are exploitable in the first place;
  • 02 coal laundries and 02 fuel-fired thermal power stations are planned to be installed at SAKOA and BEROY;
  • a 160 km long railway line will be developed to transport 06 million TPA from the mining site to the new port to be built in SOALARA;
  • water needs will be met by the Onilahy river located 60km north of the mining site for 1000 m3 per day; – total investments are of the order of ONE Billion USD;
  • the search for funding for this coal mining project is underway.